Our Therapies


Over 17,000 plants have been shown to have a medicinal use and even today at least 75% of modern medicines rely on extracting the active ingredient from within a plant. But studies have shown that using the plant directly can be more effective, have no side-effects, lead to better absorption, be non-addictive, and gentler than synthesised compounds. The herbs work to aid the bodies healing processes and rebalance the system rather than merely suppressing the symptoms.

Special Diets & Cellular Nutrition

In today's world finding food that contains adequate nutrition is hard enough, but then it's necessary to ensure that the vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutirents consumed actually reach the cells where they are needed.

Poor cell nutrition results in poor physical and mental health, and all our programmes endeavour to maximise the bioavailability of nutrients in our bodies.


Different types of clay, diatomaceous earth, activated charcoal, sodium bicarbonate wraps - the list of minerals that can be applied to our healing is varied and exciting. From ridding our body of toxins to alkalising our body to fight disease, geotherapy is a powerful addition within our natural therapy approach.


Key to any healing process is the blood supply, and the use of water, ice or steam to increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells and aid in the elimination of waste is a vital part of keeping cells healthy. It can double the immune response of the body within just a few hours and has been used to promote tissue healing, reduce pain, and relieve congestion around organs and affected areas.

Massage & Specialised Exercise

Specialised exercise plans (e.g. for knee and back pain) or therapeutic or lymphatic massage have also been found to be a key component of programmes from stress management to poor circulation.