The Team

Rossana Cockett - Cook, Therapist

Rossana has had a life-long passion for cooking, which in combination with her nursing degree has enabled a thorough understanding of the role of nutrition within the healing process.

Carmen Slobozeanu - Counselor

Carmen's broad training in mental health issues (degree in psychology, post graduate diploma in alcohol & drug studies, graduate christian counselor) has proved extremely valuable for those confronting depression, addiction and anxiety.

Marcia Mendoza - Herbalist (non-resident)

Marcia is a former senior lecturer in herbal medicine at the university of Westminster, consultant professional medical herbalist, and has run her own practice for over 20 years. She acts an adviser to the team as they develop the personalised education plan for the guests.

Justin Cockett - Co-ordinator

Whilst in his twenties, Justin was prevented from completing his scientific research PhD due to health problems, and over time began to understand the importance of spiritual health to overall happiness and wellbeing. Restored back to full health, he gained a license in theology and now presents widely on all aspects of natural health, science and faith.