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The Keep Calm programme is the solution to the symptoms of stress or anxiety. Carefully prepared to relieve physical, mental and emotional overload, the treatment consists of relaxation techniques, water therapy, physical activity, personalised diet, proper rest and education in life-style changes, plus individual counselling.


Genetics does not need to be your destiny. By changing harmful habits, most patients who commit to the

U-Turn programme are able to control and even reverse type II diabetes. The results can be reached by using proper physical activity, nature walks, special diet, massage, water therapies and herbal remedies.

High Blood Pressure

This programme is suitable for people who would like to try to reverse and sustain a healthy blood pressure and control it without the use of medication. The use of a specialised and personalised diet, proper physical activity, weight and stress control will revitalise the circulatory system. The No Pressure programme includes therapeutic and relaxing baths, massages, stimulant-free diet, herbal remedies and time for getting proper rest.

Weight Management

The focus of the Fat Free programme is to teach a lifestyle change and give emotional and mental support for its implementation. The aim is a more fulfilling and healthier life that prevents the onset of any associated diseases. This programme includes personalised diet free from stimulants, physical activity, water therapies, relaxing therapeutic baths and massage, in addition to herbal and detox juices. Psychological support and counselling where applicable.


The polluted air, food and water present in our daily lives can lead to a variety of chronic health problems, including fatigue. The programme incorporates several cleansing therapies including juicing, lymphatic drainage massage, exercise, detoxifying water therapy, body scrubs, and a diet rich in nutrients that remove toxins from organs such as liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and intestines, leaving the body purified.

High Cholesterol

The Clear Traffic programme is aimed at patients with high cholesterol. Most patients can reverse their condition without using medication. To unclog the arteries and let the blood flow freely, the programme combines zero cholesterol diet, cooking classes, coordinated physical activities, relaxing therapeutic baths, soothing massages and herbal remedies.

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